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My approach to lifestyle photography is the perfect mix of documentary work and portraiture. I don’t pose everyone into stiff, unnatural poses, nor do I leave you to your own devices to just wander aimlessly during your session.

Instead, I give simple and easy prompts to everyone, and let you fall into your own natural poses within the guidelines I’ve set. I find this is the best way to let you be yourself while still making sure to capture those playful, intimate moments that you will cherish for years to come. So, why is this how I photograph families, and more importantly, why should you hire someone who is a lifestyle photographer for your next family portraits? Below are just 5 reasons…

1. Lifestyle portraits are more developmentally appropriate for children.

Children are children, and they don’t want to hold still, and be told what to do – they want to play! That’s why all my sessions are focused on capturing movement and connection rather than stiff, posed, bribed, or even coercive portraits. Kids are naturally happy, and if you let them be, that will shine through in the photos.

2. Lifestyle portraits capture your personalities.

Because my prompts are fairly open-ended, every individual has the chance to do things THEIR way — which by virtue shows their unique personalities. Instead of heavy posing and placing every limb and turning every chin, my clients are free to move in their own special way, which in turn helps them loosen up, and be themselves.

3. Lifestyle portraits are easier.

The number one thing I hear parents say after their session with me is something along the lines of “Wow! That was so easy! And fun!” or “You worked so quickly, but still got all the shots I wanted!” Want to know why? Because they’re off the hook. Parents don’t have to herd their children, in fact the number one thing I tell parents is to NOT worry about what their kids are doing. During every session, my clients get to relax, and just play, and I focus on making sure all the kids are focused/engaged, too.

4. Lifestyle portraits focus on the details.

Let’s be honest, in 10 years you probably won’t forget how your little one looked when they were little and smiling, but you might forget the little chip on their baby tooth, or how blonde their hair was. Lifestyle portraits are focused on capturing more than just their smiles at the camera, it’s also about photographing all those little details so you can remember the quirky and loveable parts of your life.

5. Lifestyle portraits focus on the relationships within the family.

While I always get the whole family shot and individual shots of everyone, I also love to get the natural groupings that evolve from family poses. When I let my clients move and interact freely during their session, they naturally move into groupings that show the different dynamics and relationships within the family. When you dictate where and how everyone poses, you lose out on finding out how they naturally connect.

Whether you hire a lifesyle photographer or not, please at least make it a priority to hire a photographer to capture your family! I believe that families are the most important unit in society, and that they last forever — far past the bounds of death. (Whew, that’s a bit heavy, but it’s true!) If I had to boil it down to ONE reason, that’s why I photograph families: because to me the most important thing in life is sharing love and service and comfort within the family.

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