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This past April, my family and I took a quick trip down the NYC for a couple days. I opted again to not bring my nice camera since it was such a short trip, and instead used my phone’s camera to snap pictures. NYC is beautiful and charming in it’s own way, so some of the photos I wish I had in better resolution, but alas… oh well.

We learned a few things from this trip, most notable was that NYC is not really as fun with a family as it is alone/with just adults… We planned this trip for a few months beforehand, and I thought we had everything figured out, but the first day just didn’t go the way we had planned: One hour into our 5 hour drive, my daughter got sick and threw up all over her car seat, our Airbnb was not as accessible to the city as we anticipated (that was my mistake for not researching enough…. oops.), we planned to go see the Decemberists in concert the second night we were there, but found out at midnight on the first night that our tickets were actually for that day and we missed the concert.

All of this got us off to a rough start, and dampened the mood quite a bit. Luckily, my wonderful husband was able to purchase tickets for the second night for us and we still made it to the concert (and we had the private satisfaction of boasting that we were the best fans because we paid double to be there). We also got to stop at the Lindt truffle store and buy a bag full of fun truffle flavors. That sincerely was a highlight of the trip for me, haha… And we got to see everything we had on our list to see. Most of our time was spent walking around and enjoying being in the city. We had both been before, so we didn’t have a crazy big list to check off, which allowed us to enjoy everything at a slower, relaxed pace (…and gave us time to regroup when things went awry).

Overall, I’m glad we made the trip, and the Decemberists concert was amazing! But I’m looking forward to checking off other Northeast areas off our list now.

Who knew there was a town named “Buttzville”?!

Julien Baker opened for the Decemberists, and she was awesome!!!

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