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There is one thing I absolutely adore about my husband. Well, there are a lot of things I adore about him; really I just adore him. BUT. I love my husband for constantly encouraging me to try hard, new, or scary things. He’s become my own personal therapist in a funny way: helping me fight claustrophobia in crowded elevators, encouraging me to set and achieve ambitious goals in fitness and running, and supporting me – sometimes pushing me – to continue working for my love of photography. He believes in me often when I don’t want to believe in myself. And if his therapy, friendship, and support was the only thing I got from our relationship, I would still be devoted to him for life.

Over the years, I’ve learned to enjoy trying new things, doing hard things, and celebrating in both failures and successes. Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a bit of a routine as a photographer (or artist, creator, designer, engineer, or really anyone). And I have come to find I enjoy my work and my product more when I try to break up the monotony, even in simple ways such as finding a different angle to work with or recreating a pose that may seem a bit out of your style.

All that being said, this session was a dream. Despite the frigid temperatures, there was perfect lighting, beautiful colors, and Bethany is such an easy-going, and adventurous model. But what I loved most about my work on this session was personally witnessing the success from trying new things. Nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary came from this session, nor did my life drastically change after I uploaded the photos to the client’s gallery. But it’s thrilling to see subtle improvements and changes, even if I’m probably be the only person to notice most of them.

Growth happens slowly, then suddenly.

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