Sevilla Pt. 2

The next day we took my sister back to the airport in Sevilla so they could continue their adventures in Italy. Since we were already up there, we decided to see the Plaza de España since we didn’t have time to see it a few days earlier. I am SO GLAD we got to do this, because it made me like Sevilla a lot more, and out of everything we saw (the cathedral, the Real Alcázar, and the Plaza de España) the Plaza was my favorite part, hands down.

As we walked through the outer building to enter into the courtyard, it got noticeably warmer (the bricks soak in the sun all day and literally radiate heat) and there was a jazz band playing “Summer Wind” (which happens to be a personal favorite) and everyone there was just relaxing and enjoying the last of the sun for the day. That moment will always be a favorite life moment; it felt like it was out of a dream.

We walked around the plaza enjoyed the benches (they have benches dedicated to various cities in Spain, complete with ornate murals) then we wandered over to take a carriage ride through the nearby park and to a few other monuments. On our way to the carriage we stopped and watched some performers play music and a lady dance Flamenco, which was super cool. I loved this slow, relaxing day.


A few cool sites along the carriage ride.



There was a slight horse hold-up at one point and we decided to take a dumb selfie with the horse behind us.


So beautiful!





One of the benches


Along the side you can see all the benches lines one by one


There was a little German market in a nearby park that we stopped by while leaving. In general, all the Spaniards we saw were so poised and flawless, so it was a bit entertaining to see them all slip and fall while ice skating.


Haha, not real popcorn guys…

On the way home we stopped for some groceries at the nearby market.


I loved this fresh-squeezed juicer! Every store should have one of these.


A standard at all grocery stores

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