Granada – Alhambra

When my sister was visiting we took a day trip to Granada to tour the Alhambra, an old palace/fortress complex. The architecture is incredible. Because we spent the previous day in Sevilla touring the Real Alcázar de Sevilla, we were obviously comparing the two. The Alhambra was more touristy, but there was more to see (we didn’t even venture into the gardens). Both were breathtaking, but I think I would recommend just picking one or the other if you’re doing a short trip. If you’re in Spain for a while and can, go see both!

Anyway, the Alhambra was cool, and I loved looking out over the tower at the city/valley. I’m happy around mountains.

On a side note, we had dinner at the mall food court in Granada on our way home (in an effort to save time, which ended up taking twice as long as going and sitting down somewhere probably would have taken… oh well). It was funny to me to people watch though, especially all the teenagers eating and talking together. Teenagers are kind of just like teenagers everywhere. Really, people are just like people everywhere.


I loved all the details everywhere!



Those tiles and that Spanish sun!


White buildings on a hill is one of my new love languages.



This picture is another one of those “muse” pictures that I just love.



You can see Granada’s cathedral here – the Cathedral of the Incarnation



Sad I only got this shot on my phone 🙁



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