El Puerto de Santa Maria

After enjoying Christmas at a church service and with family at home, we decided to stay local for one more day and be a tourist in our host’s city. El Puerto de Santa María is known for sherry wine and being the port Christopher Columbus left from for his second voyage to the Americas. Also, it’s just a beautiful little city with delicious restaurants and pretty beach-fronts.

I feel it’s also very important to note our favorite restaurant from the whole trip – Pizzeria Blanca Paloma. We ate there four times. Which is a lot when you’re visiting somewhere… I highly recommend the cheese-stuffed gnocchi with pesto or the ravioli with Gouda cheese and pears. Oh my goodness. TAKE ME BACK. Not to mention the restaurant is super cute and beautiful and straight out of a fairy tale.


The cathedral



Festive gelato shop



The Guadalete river


Horrible, blurry picture of heavenly, beautiful food


Their house is next to some farm lands, and a few trails lead to some free-roaming, grazing cows. How picturesque. 

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