Getting There

Over Christmas my little family and I took a once in a lifetime trip to Spain, specifically to the Andalucía region. It was amazing and sadly most my photos (all but one day…) were taken with my phone, but I thought I’d share the adventure nonetheless. Hope you enjoy!

Getting to Spain was not as smooth as planned… isn’t that how it always goes? Our flight out of Toronto was delayed by two hours (and we were stuffed like sardines on the plane for those two hours…) due to a bad snowstorm, so once we flew into Brussels our connection had already left. We spent the whole day exhausted and dazed in the Brussels airport; my husband and I took turns napping on the floor of an empty gate and watching our little girl. The floor has never felt so comfortable. Luckily our airline was nice and gave us vouchers for dinner so we splurged (it was splurge or lose it…) on a nice Italian restaurant that was delicious and provided a great view of one of the best sunsets out of an airport window I’ve ever seen (oddly specific… but true). We finally found ourselves in Spain after a quick stop in Portugal and crashed for a good 10 hours that night.


Driving to the airport was a bit treacherous. Towards the end we got stuck in a 10 mile strip of freeway for an hour and our windshield wipers collected a couple inches of ice on them.


Our napping spot.


Try to look past the horrible window glare and just enjoy the color, clouds, and skyline.


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