Arcos de al Frontera – Belen

The first place we visited was a white Moorish village named “Arcos de la Frontera.” Arcos in Spanish is “arches” and during Christmas they decorate the entire village to look like Bethlemen (Belén) at the time of Christ’s birth. As you walk the streets you see little scenes along the way from that time (Herod’s palace, the nativity, the bakery, the carpenter, the Inn, a Jewish wedding, etc.), complete with arches made from palm leaves. This was one of my very favorite experiences from our whole trip. Maybe it was the magic of fresh air and new eyes, but I loved this evening. It helped too that my little girl slept the whole time, YAY for jet lag!


This whole square is usually just a parking lot, but they installed all of this within a day or two! Covered in sand, a little stream, donkeys and fire pits. Impressive.



All the beautiful white buildings were so unique and had so much character.



The edge of the village overlooks beautiful farmlands and I loved standing on the balcony watching the sunset over the mountains. It was the serene moment of looking over this balcony with the warm breeze on my face that I decided I loved it there.



There was a man offering children to hold his birds for a small tip. You bet we paid to hold the smallest little owl!


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